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My subjective Merlin Fan Art Recommendations

I look for Merlin art that evokes some emotion, demonstrates skill, and doesn't appear mostly traced or painted over another original. I will ALWAYS point back to the source/artist.

I don't post art that has been traced, no matter how good it is. I have a good folder of stock images that are often used.

I do not take credit for these. I'm just an art connoisseur/patron! I haven't posted any of my art here for a year (I didn't want to think I started this for self-promotion) so none are mine.

- I do take recs! You can submit art here. Only selected art will be posted.
- I will take down any art by request of the artist.
- I will change preferred source link by request of the artist.
- If any piece is misrepresented, copied or stolen please let me know asap. This is a zero-tolerance of art theft blog!
- This also means I will no longer post fanart that has been commissioned for money. You have no legal right to profit from work featuring characters without permission from copyright holder.

Also on Twitter!